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Build from source


Before sing-box 1.4.0:

  • Go 1.18.5 - 1.20.x

Since sing-box 1.4.0:

  • Go 1.18.5 - ~
  • Go 1.20.0 - ~ with tag with_quic enabled

Since sing-box 1.5.0:

  • Go 1.18.5 - ~
  • Go 1.20.0 - ~ with tag with_quic or with_ech enabled

Since sing-box 1.8.0:

  • Go 1.18.5 - ~
  • Go 1.20.0 - ~ with tag with_quic, with_ech, or with_utls enabled

You can download and install Go from:, latest version is recommended.

Simple Build


Or build and install binary to $GOBIN:

make install

Custom Build

TAGS="tag_a tag_b" make


go build -tags "tag_a tag_b" ./cmd/sing-box

Build Tags

Build Tag Enabled by default Description
with_quic Build with QUIC support, see QUIC and HTTP3 DNS transports, Naive inbound, Hysteria Inbound, Hysteria Outbound and V2Ray Transport#QUIC.
with_grpc Build with standard gRPC support, see V2Ray Transport#gRPC.
with_dhcp Build with DHCP support, see DHCP DNS transport.
with_wireguard Build with WireGuard support, see WireGuard outbound.
with_ech Build with TLS ECH extension support for TLS outbound, see TLS.
with_utls Build with uTLS support for TLS outbound, see TLS.
with_reality_server Build with reality TLS server support, see TLS.
with_acme Build with ACME TLS certificate issuer support, see TLS.
with_clash_api Build with Clash API support, see Experimental.
with_v2ray_api Build with V2Ray API support, see Experimental.
with_gvisor Build with gVisor support, see Tun inbound and WireGuard outbound.
with_embedded_tor (CGO required) Build with embedded Tor support, see Tor outbound.
with_lwip (CGO required) Build with LWIP Tun stack support, see Tun inbound.

It is not recommended to change the default build tag list unless you really know what you are adding.