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UI options

  • Display realtime network speed in the notification


SFA allows you to run sing-box through ForegroundService or VpnService (when TUN is required).


SFA provides an unprivileged TUN implementation through Android VpnService.

TUN inbound option Available Note
interface_name Managed by Android
inet4_address /
inet6_address /
mtu /
gso No permission
auto_route /
strict_route Not implemented
inet4_route_address /
inet6_route_address /
inet4_route_exclude_address /
inet6_route_exclude_address /
endpoint_independent_nat /
stack /
include_interface No permission
exclude_interface No permission
include_uid No permission
exclude_uid No permission
include_android_user No permission
include_package /
exclude_package /
platform /
Route/DNS rule option Available Note
process_name No permission
process_path No permission
package_name /
user Use package_name instead
user_id Use package_name instead
wifi_ssid Fine location permission required
wifi_bssid Fine location permission required


Overrides profile configuration items with platform-specific values.

Per-app proxy

SFA allows you to select a list of Android apps that require proxying or bypassing in the graphical interface to override the include_package and exclude_package configuration items.

In particular, the selector also provides the “China apps” scanning feature, providing Chinese users with an excellent experience to bypass apps that do not require a proxy. Specifically, by scanning China application or SDK characteristics through dex class path and other means, there will be almost no missed reports.


  • The working directory is located at /sdcard/Android/data/io.nekohasekai.sfa/files (External files directory)
  • Crash logs is located in $working_directory/stderr.log