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UI options

  • Always On
  • Include All Networks (Proxy traffic for LAN and cellular services)
  • (Apple tvOS) Import profile from iPhone/iPad


SFI/SFM/SFT allows you to run sing-box through NetworkExtension with Application Extension or System Extension.


SFI/SFM/SFT provides an unprivileged TUN implementation through NetworkExtension.

TUN inbound option Available Note
interface_name Managed by Darwin
inet4_address /
inet6_address /
mtu /
gso Not implemented
auto_route /
strict_route Not implemented
inet4_route_address /
inet6_route_address /
inet4_route_exclude_address /
inet6_route_exclude_address /
endpoint_independent_nat /
stack /
include_interface Not implemented
exclude_interface Not implemented
include_uid Not implemented
exclude_uid Not implemented
include_android_user Not implemented
include_package Not implemented
exclude_package Not implemented
platform /
Route/DNS rule option Available Note
process_name No permission
process_path No permission
package_name /
user No permission
user_id No permission
wifi_ssid Only supported on iOS
wifi_bssid Only supported on iOS


  • Crash logs is located in Settings -> View Service Log