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Install from source

sing-box requires Golang 1.18.5 or a higher version.

go install -v[email protected]

Install with options:

go install -v -tags with_clash_api[email protected]
Build Tag Description
with_quic Build with QUIC support, see QUIC and HTTP3 DNS transports, Naive inbound, Hysteria Inbound, Hysteria Outbound and V2Ray Transport#QUIC.
with_grpc Build with standard gRPC support, see V2Ray Transport#gRPC.
with_dhcp Build with DHCP support, see DHCP DNS transport.
with_wireguard Build with WireGuard support, see WireGuard outbound.
with_shadowsocksr Build with ShadowsocksR support, see ShadowsocksR outbound.
with_ech Build with TLS ECH extension support for TLS outbound, see TLS.
with_utls Build with uTLS support for TLS outbound, see TLS.
with_reality_server Build with reality TLS server support, see TLS.
with_acme Build with ACME TLS certificate issuer support, see TLS.
with_clash_api Build with Clash API support, see Experimental.
with_v2ray_api Build with V2Ray API support, see Experimental.
with_gvisor Build with gVisor support, see Tun inbound and WireGuard outbound.
with_embedded_tor (CGO required) Build with embedded Tor support, see Tor outbound.
with_lwip (CGO required) Build with LWIP Tun stack support, see Tun inbound.

The binary is built under $GOPATH/bin

sing-box version

It is also recommended to use systemd to manage sing-box service, see Linux server installation example.